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Website design in Jupiter FL is one of those things that all businesses need, whether you’re big or small, and we are one of those companies to offer website design in Jupiter FL.

But when it comes to the discussion of building a website, or hiring a website developer, it can be very intimidating.

Usually because of the price of the proposals that you will get back. Web developers for the most part, charge what seems to be a lot of money for their services. Some are worth it, but many are charging far more than they are worth. And far more than most people can afford.

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That’s where we come in. Website Design Jupiter In FL

Our website designers at Cobalt hold certifications in website design in Jupiter FL and web development, as well as graphic design. We are experienced in web design, and also website search engine optimization (SEO) for Google and other search engines. We primarily design & develop in WordPress. WordPress is a powerful design tool. And we know it well.

Many people can design a webpage. But a website is almost no good at all unless it is properly saturated with content that is relevant to your business or product, so that Google or other search engines will grab onto them for results.

With our website design packages, basic on-page SEO content saturation is included in the design so that it will be ready for overall SEO tweaking in the final stages. Most developers charge an additional $200 for this option.

Responsive Design

Many of our layouts come with a responsive design built in. Responsive design layouts are layouts that will automatically just to smart phones and tablets. This way we will not have to design 3 total layouts to adapt to several types of devices. This again saves you money. We really recommend only this type of layout.

How It Works

We will meet and go over your product and business, as well as your needs and expectations. We will then give you a choice of several layouts to choose from for your website. Once you have that narrowed down, you will then choose a theme color for your website. After you have made your choices, we will take a small deposit to begin your project. But first things first. You need a logo for your business. If you have one, great! We’re ready to go. But if you don’t, we can design one for you. It’s an additional cost, but a very important part of your company.

Logo Design & Branding

Our logo design team will give you several designs to choose from. Please look at our logo design pricing packages for your choices.

Watching out for you right from the start

Many or most website developers will register your website hosting and domain (website name or address), to their own account. But beware of this practice. For the less than honest developers, this is a way to force the customer to keep them on the project. There are many cases of the project developer holding the website in a sort of ransom. We do not do that here at Cobalt.

When we register your website and domain, we will create your account with the company that we host with, and give you the username and password, so that you have full control at all times of your property. We only request that you allow us access so that we can get the job done for you.

Call us at 561-623-0533 to get started!

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