Cobalt Certified Computers

At Cobalt, all of the gently used or refurbished Apple computers that we sell come with an Cobalt Certified stand of approval.

But what does that even mean?

It means that all of the Apple computers that we acquire are opened up, inspected for water damage or other damage, thoroughly dusted and cleaned to remove any dust that might prevent proper cooling and ventilation, and then they are scanned with software that performs a systematic check of all aspects of the hardware of the machine. This software tests the battery, power supply, logic board, graphics card, display, USB ports, and just about anything else that is part of the computer, including the hard drive.

We demand the best, and only allow those computers that are properly working out onto our showroom floor for sale.

Every single computer that we put out to sell on display in our showrooms is put through this process. Computers that we receive that are questionable or have issues that we are able to see, or do not pass our tests and inspection, are torn down and recycled, and turned into Wall-E.

Also, all UbeCobaltrMac Certified computers come with an Cobalt warranty. Most computers come with a 90 day Cobalt warranty and  some of our older computers come with a 30 day Cobalt warranty. Warranty’s are listed and displayed on our price placards and in the descriptions on the product pages on our website.

Cobalt Certified. So you know it’s good to go!

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