For years I have been asked by clients how they can automatically delete their Safari browsing history, and for years the only answers that I could give were the following:

  1. When you first open Safari, remember to go to File>New Private Window. (No one remembers to do this 100% of the time.)
  2. Remember to clear your browsing history when you close Safari. (Almost no one remembers to do this, and it’s inconvenient.)
  3. Go into safari code and change some options. (Not at all easy for the basic user.)

So I performed a simple Google search this morning to see if there have been any changes since the last 2 MacOs releases in Safari, and maybe I missed it before, maybe it’s always been there, but it looks like since the release of MacOs Sierra, and option in the general menu has appeared under Safari Preferences>General which is “Safari Opens With>A new private window”.

Now, the title of this blog post is misleading, yes, but I did that on purpose, because this solution is essentially the same solution as that search term. In other words, if you set the option to “Safari Opens With>A New Private Window”, you will always be surfing in Private mode, and your history will never be tracked. This includes new tabs that are created and opened, because you are already in a private window.

This should solve the Safari Browsing History Auto Delete Issue. Good luck!

UberMac Apple Store Jupiter, FL

Lately, with the temporary closing of the Apple Store in the Palm Beach Gardens Mall, we have had an influx of customer traffic and phone calls. We’d like to address an issue that we are starting to see within this situation.

It seems that a good amount of new customers think that we at UberMac are the Apple Store, when in fact (and we think we have been more than transparent about this fact), we at UberMac are not the Apple Store. We are a privately owned company that was created locally, and that employs Apple Certified Technicians. So although Apple customers are used to being helped for free at the Apple Store, or used to having repairs made for free under an Apple Warranty, we unfortunately need to charge a fee for these services to stay in business.

Alternatively, customers that want or need in warranty repairs for their Apple computers or devices can locate an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) on Google.

However, we want all Apple customers to be aware that we do have a policy that allows for us to assist anyone that walks into our Jupiter, FL store location for up to 5 minutes for free. This is a per person, per day policy, but we have been offering that free help for over 7 years. And if in that 5 minutes of free help we decide that it will take longer, we then give the customer the option to sit down with one of our Apple Certified Technicians for our in store fee, or advise them that they can get further help for free at the Apple Store.

Our Rates

Our in store hourly rates are $99 per hour. If you are a walk in customer needing help and we have gone past our 5 minutes of complimentary free help, we then allow a private sit down session in 15 minute intervals at approximately $25 per 15 minute session.

To call and book an in store private one-on-one lesson, we have a 1/2 hour minimum at $49 per half hour.

To book one of our Apple Certified Technicians to come to your home or business, we have a 1 hour minimum rate of $139 per hour. We do not travel more than 10 miles from our store location.

Apple Computer, iPhone and iPad repairs vary widely in price, so please check our website for current repair prices, or call our store for more information.

We really hope that our customers understand why we have to charge for our services. We want to be able to continue to grow so that we can help those customers that want a good solid alternative to the Apple Store.

UberMac - Palm Beach Gardens Mall Apple Store Temporarily Closing

Apple Store in Palm Beach Gardens Mall Closing Temporarily

Yesterday, we at UberMac started hearing rumblings from our customers that the Apple Store inside of the Palm Beach Gardens Mall was closing, and that there was a line outside of the front door, wrapping around the side of the store. So we decided to visit the store and talk to some of our friends on staff to get the real skinny on the situation.

And sure enough the rumor is true. The Apple Store in the Palm Beach Gardens Mall will be closing on March 25th for 4 to 6 months to expand into the space next door to it. This news came directly from our Apple contact’s mouth.

So what will Apple customers do regarding all of their repairs and needed assistance? Well, our guess is that they will try to refer all Apple customers to the Wellington Mall Apple Store. Or maybe they will try to make Apple customers aware of the Apple Consultants Network (which we were once a member of, but decided that it wasn’t for us).

But the problem with both of those scenarios is the same problem the Apple Store has always had. It’s bad for customer service, it’s inconvenient, and it’s horrible for the customer experience.

But you have a great alternative. A store much like an Apple Store with actual Apple Certified Technicians at your disposal close by in Jupiter, FL at UberMac.

UberMac, (formerly Cobalt Computer Consulting, and a former member of the Apple Consultants Network), is one of the only Apple only repair stores in the United States. We specialize in repairing all Apple computers, devices and products. Many computer repair or “iFix” repair stores will fix anything that comes through their door such as Microsoft Windows computers, TV’s, Android phones and tablets, game consoles, etc. But UberMac is the polar opposite of those stores. We are an Apple only company. And that makes us the very best at what we do.

So while the Apple Store in the Gardens Mall is closed, you can have the very next best thing. And our repair turnaround times are amazing. We also do things that the Apple store does not do like in home consulting, computer setup and data recovery and transfers. UberMac is as close as you will ever get to an actual Apple Store.

The Differences between the Apple Store and UberMac

The only real differences between UberMac and the Apple Store, is that we are not authorized to perform IN WARRANTY repairs on Apple products. In fact, if your Apple computer, iPhone or iPad are still in warranty, we always encourage all of our customers to head to the closest Apple Store to have it serviced there. But for many of our customers, just walking into an Apple Store is an unpleasant venture in and of itself. Nothing against Apple, because we love Apple, but we all know that these stores suffer from lack of customer service. It’s a known issue. So it’s not surprising to us that about 90% of our customers are willing to have us void their warranty and continue with the repair, regardless of the consequences. From our experience, they don’t want to go to the Apple Store for one, and they also don’t want to wait for an hour or more to find out if their iPhone can be repaired. At UberMac, we can have it fixed in about 20 minutes on average. So Apple customers normally choose us instead.

That being said, as a former member of the Apple Consultants Network, we have a vast knowledge of all things Apple. UberMac and it’s Apple Certified Technicians have been repairing Apple products exclusively for over 7 years now. We have performed just about any repair you can fathom related to Apple and it’s products.

The other main difference between UberMac and the Apple Store, is that the Apple Store will not allow it’s technicians to come to an Apple customers home to assist them. It is just not allowed. And if an Apple technician does decide to take a side job at a customers home, it is grounds for termination. It is simply against policy. But UberMac technicians have been coming to Apple customers homes and assisting with everything from Apple computer setup and configuration, to wireless printer setup, to basic lessons, troubleshooting, and even wireless network installation for years now. Since 2005 to be exact.

Also, it is important to remember that our technicians at UberMac hold at least one, if not multiple Apple Certifications. This is a standard and a requirement to be employed by UberMac, and that goes for all UberMac franchises that we will be pushing out across the United States as well. (We’ll get into that in a little bit ; )

We know that Apple customers want professionals handling their expensive computers and devices, that’s why we require Apple Certifications within our organization. So why would you trust your Apple products to one of those “iFix” stores or the Geek Squad guys, of the Geeks On Call? And if you do, ask them if they are Apple Certified, and also ask to see proof. You can also verify certifications on Apple’s website as well, however it is not very reliable. I myself hold 5 Apple certifications, and not one of them shows up in their search system. So it is important for you, the consumer, to do your research, ask questions and read reviews before you trust someone with your devices. We at UberMac have a proven track record. Feel free to read all about us in our “Reviews” section here.

The “iFix” stores & iPhone Repair

At UberMac, we have repaired over 7,600 iPhones to date, over 1,200 iPads and a staggering 4,100 iMac and MacBook repairs in the last 7 years. But let’s talk about the iPhone repair industry.

Apple has never allowed anyone to repair their iPhones or iPads. They just recently started allowing some AASP’s (Apple Authorized Service Providers) to perform low level repairs, but AASP’s are rare to find and sparsely located based on our research.

In the past, it’s been known that if an iPhone repair store opens your device, the warranty was voided. But good news, that is no longer the situation.

In our opinion, this was Apple’s way to get you into their stores. And although it is almost literally impossible for any iPhone repair store to acquire actual, OEM Apple parts for repairs, many of the parts available to iPhone repair stores are very close in quality compared to Apple’s original parts. But that is only if the iPhone repair store that you trust with your repair chooses to seek out those high quality parts. Most iPhone repair stores don’t tell you that you are either getting a refurbished LCD, or the lowest priced part that they could acquire. But at UberMac, we only use the highest quality parts available, and constantly try to steer clear of refurbished iPhone screens, even though the market is literally saturated with them. But we offer a lifetime warranty on our iPhone and iPad parts, regardless, so that the consumer has nothing to worry about.

But a lifetime warranty really does you no good if the part is low quality, and you are forced to keep returning to that “iFix” store to keep having them replace the same part. That is why we demand the quality that we do in the parts that we use.

There are a few “iFix” stores out there that do have integrity, do use quality parts, and also perform repairs to our standard, but they are very few and far between. And almost none of them employ Apple Certified technicians like UberMac does. That is why we have distanced ourselves from the “iFix” industry. UberMac is so much more than an iPhone repair company. We are much closer to an actual Apple store than anything else in our industry.

Apple Computer Repairs By Apple Certified Technicians

We have been performing repairs exclusively on Apple iMac and MacBook computers for over 7 years now (But we have been in business performing computer repairs since 2005). We are capable of performing any repair on any Apple product. If your product is in warranty, we can still perform your upgrade or repair, but will advise you that you will be voiding your warranty first. But if your computer or device is out of warranty, this is where we shine. Our repair times are unbelievably faster than the Apple Store. On average, any iPhone repair takes us about 20 minutes to complete. That means you can wait in our showroom, or run down to Rock Steady Juice Joint for a pick me up.

Even iPad repairs can be handled on the same day if dropped off early enough.

And our Apple computer repair times are much more efficient than an Apple Store. For instance, a typical hard drive repair, replacement or upgrade can be done in about an hour or 2. That’s right. Same day service on hard drive repairs (Not including data transfer times, because they vary.) And if you need a repair performed that requires us to order a special part that we do not stock, like an LCD assembly, or a special SSD for a retina MacBook Pro, we can acquire that part fast. Once the part is in our hands, almost every single repair can be done within hours. The exception would be more extensive repairs like logic board repair. But again, most repairs are done the same day, unlike the several day wait that Apple customers normally need to endure at an Apple Store.

All of our parts and repairs hold a 90 day warranty on them. New parts such as hard drives generally come with a 1 year warranty on them as well.

Selling Apple Computers & Products

For years, we at UberMac resisted selling Apple computers and devices. Our customers constantly asked us to carry used Apple Computers, but to be honest, there just didn’t seem to be a way to make money in this area. However, in recent months we have found a way to finally be able to offer out customers high quality, gently used, excellent condition iMac and Macbook computers from UberMac. And we also certify all of these computers and add a 90 day warranty to them. This new addition to the services that we offer has been highly successful, and was clearly a much needed area for our customers.

We even keep a couple of NEW in the box Apple Computers and iPads in stock for the customers that don’t want to drive to the Apple Store or to Best Buy. We carry these mainly as a convenience to our customers.

Transparency, Transparency, Transparency.

We want to be very clear about the UberMac business model right from the get go with you. At UberMac, we are completely against sales and sales tactics. UberMac is not a sales company. UberMac is a customer service company first and foremost. There are no commissions at our company.

Do we “sell” products?
No. We do not “sell” anything.

Do we stock products that the consumer can buy if they want to?
Yes. We do.

In other words, we stock at least 20 gently used Apple computers at all times. We also carry a full line of Otterbox cases for iPhone and iPad. We stock almost every single Apple accessory cable, adapter, keyboard and mouse. We stock a lot of things, but we don’t sell anything at UberMac.

This seems unorthodox, we know, but we also know what it feels like to walk onto a car lot or to walk into a furniture store and feel the pressure of a salesman hovering over you. No one wants to be “hovered over” when they are simply looking, shopping or killing time. That is why, when we decided to start selling products, we chose this approach. And it works. Look, if you want to buy something at UberMac, grab it and bring it to the counter to purchase it. And if you need help or have a question, ask any UberMac employee at anytime. And if it ever feels like no one is helping you, or that you are receiving bad service when you are shopping for a product, trust us, that’s not the case. We just want you to be able to shop in peace without any pressure. Again, if you have a question, just ask and we will jump to assist you.

With this shopping experience standard put into place, and having tested it over the years, it has proven to be a huge success. Our customers have raved about how comfortable it is to shop at our store, and how honest and transparent we are when it comes to advising our customers on what to do regarding a repair or purchase.

If you offer good reliable products, they will sell themselves, and that’s what happens at UberMac.

Just the beginning.

So now that you know all about us here at UberMac, we hope you will let us be your Apple Store alternative location in the coming months while the Apple Store is closed for it’s expansion. Jupiter, FL is not far from the Palm Beach Gardens Mall, and considerably closer than the Apple Store in the Wellington Mall if you live in Palm Beach Gardens, Abacoa, Singer Island, North Palm Beach, Juno Beach, and other areas north of PGA Blvd.

UberMac has just finished the legal process to be able to franchise it’s business across the United States. This should be a great year for us, and we hope to open many UberMac locations so that we can supplement the Apple Stores’ customers when they want a faster, more relaxed alternative to visiting an Apple Store. Come check us out.

UberMac. As close to an Apple Store as you can get.

How To Set Your Newsfeed To View Most Recent On iPhone iOS App

Facebook has made many changes over the years in it’s iOS app. And one of the most annoying changes is the fact that they continue to bury the most important feature in my opinion, and that’s the “Most Recent” news feed. To view the most recent posts from friends and pages that you follow in chronological order from latest to oldest, try the following.

How To Set Your Newsfeed To View “Most Recent” On iPhone iOS App (Method # 1):
1. In the lower right corner of your Facebook app, click the 3 horizontal lines to view the “Options” page. (You will see “Friends, Events, Groups, etc…)
2. Scroll down to the bottom of that section until you see “See More” and select that option.
3. Scroll down further until you see “Feeds”. Select it.
4. Now select “Most Recent”. You are now viewing your Facebook page in the “Most Recent” view, showing posts from friends and pages that you follow in chronological order from latest to oldest posts.

How To Add A “Most Recent” Favorite For Quick Access On iPhone iOS App (Method # 2):
1. In the lower right corner of your Facebook app, click the 3 horizontal lines to view the “Options” page. (You will see “Friends, Events, Groups, etc…)
2. Scroll down to the bottom of that section until you see “Add Favorites” and select that option.
3. Under the “News Feed” section, select “Most Recent”.
4. Now you should have faster, easier access to the Most Recent news feeds.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I really don’t have time to look through all of the posts and feeds that are shoved down my throat by Facebook. By default, your newsfeed is now set to “Top Stories”. This might be great for people who have time to kill, but I don’t. I just want to see what has been going on since the last time I checked Facebook. That’s it. And unfortunately, the more pages you follow, the more scattered posts you get in that “Top Stories” news feed.

But today, I got a nice little surprise upon updating my Facebook app. After the update, when I go to my “Options page”, my “Feeds” option is at the top. And I didn’t do that. And I see no way to edit or rearrange these options within the options page. So I think that maybe Facebook is reordering them based on what you use the most in the options screen, because every single time I go to Facebook on my iPhone, I immediately and painstakingly, go through the screens to rearrange my news feed to view in the “Most Recent” view. So this might be a great new change.

Please feel free to comment on this post na drive any feedback in case I missed something. Thanks, and I hope this helps some of you.


How To Clear The Cache In Safari 10 On Mac In MacOS Sierra 10.12

How To Clear The Cache In Safari 10 On Mac In MacOS Sierra 10.12. This is the best and most proper way that we have found.

To empty or clear the cache in Safari 9 & 10 on Mac:
1. Click “Safari” in the upper right hand corner.
2. Choose “Preferences”.
3. Click the “Advanced” icon.
4. At the bottom of the “Advanced” options page, select of check “Show Develop Menu In Menu Bar.
5. Close the options window.
6. You will now see a new menu item in the Safari menu bar, located between “Bookmarks” and “Window” called “Develop”. Select “Develop”.
7. In the drop down, select “Empty Caches”.
8. Your Caches are now empty.

To empty or clear Cookies in Safari 9 & 10 on Mac:
1. Click “Safari” in the upper right hand corner.
2. Choose “Preferences”.
3. Click the “Privacy” icon.
4. Click the “Manage Website Data” button.
5. Click the “Remove All” button.
6. Your cookies are now removed.

To empty or clear History in Safari 9 & 10 on Mac:
1. Click “Safari” in the upper right hand corner.
2. Select “Clear History” in the drop down menu.
3. When the Clear History” window opens, click the “Clear” drop down menu and choose the length of time in history you’d like top remove, and click the “Clear History” button.

Why You Should Buy A Used Or Refurbished iMac Or MacBook From UberMac.

Well, the first thing that you should know about UberMac, is that we are not a sales driven company. We are a service & customer satisfaction driven company. So you will never feel like you are being “sold” a product at our company. We have always let our products, accessories and computers sell themselves.

The last thing anyone wants is to be followed around and hovered over while they are simply browsing.

In fact we’d like to offer full disclosure here. We never wanted to sell computers in the first place. In fact, we didn’t stock or sell computers on a regular basis until October of 2016. And the reason we didn’t is because, as I stated above, we just don’t want to be thought of as a “sales” based company. That is not what we do at UberMac.

But as the requests grew from our customers and clients, we decided to give it a shot, and so far, it had been very successful, and definitely fits our business model. It’s turned into another avenue where it serves the customer. And they appreciate it. So it works, and we have decided to continue with it. We now stock over 20 Apple computers at all times.

Now. The big question. Why buy a computer from UberMac?

Well first you have to ask yourself a few questions to find out if buying a used or refurbished computer is the right decision for you, or if purchasing a brand new iMac or MacBook with an Apple factory warranty is the better choice for you.

So who exactly is the right customer for as used Mac? Well, first and foremost, it should be the person who does not want to, or cannot afford to pay full price for a brand new Apple computer. This is where the choice of a gently used, tested and certified computer from UberMac may be the best choice for you. After all, all of our computers come with an UberMac Certified 90 Day Warranty, so if anything goes wrong, we’ve got your back.

Q: Why wouldn’t I just buy a used MacBook from eBay? Why give UberMac my money?
A: Good question. Here’s why. We have secured sources from where we purchase our used Apple computers. So we know what we’re getting before it goes out for sale on our showroom floor. We test, open, clean, inspect & certify all UberMac computers at time of arrival. If anything is questionable, or if the computer has dents, scratches or dings in it, we ship it back because we only try to offer the best of the best, and near new condition looking computers.

And let’s talk about buying Apple computers from eBay, and some of the things that you will have to deal with. The biggest problem with buying these expensive computers from eBay is when items arrived damaged because of poor packaging, or when they arrive “not as described”.

Instance #1: You buy a MacBook on eBay for $800.00. You pay, and wait for it. And when it arrives, it has been damaged in shipping and the corners of the lid are all bent in. Now you have to contact the buyer, establish where the fault lies, see if they;l accept responsibility, and then if they do, you’ll have to wait for your refund until they receive the item. And even after they receive it, they have an additional 14 days or so before they even actually need to refund your money. So what I’m saying is, you could be waiting for your money for awhile.

Instance #2: Your computer arrives, you open it up, turn it on and it works. But a week later it quits working. You take it to an Apple repair store like UberMac. They open it up and advise you that your computer has liquid or water damage. Now it is up to you to contact the seller. That seller may do one of the following. They may be really cool and allow you to return it for a refund (if they even accept returns), or more than likely what will happen is that they will claim ignorance and say that there is no way that they could have known the computer had internal liquid damage because they don’t open the computers, or the other scenario where they just blame blame you for the damage and refuse any help at all. Now your stuck fighting with the seller through eBay Protection, which is a very time consuming process.

Another reason to buy from UberMac is that you will have a physical location to go to if there does happen top be an issue with your computer. Buying through eBay or Craigslist is always a gamble.

And another great part of the UberMac buying experience is what we said in the beginning of this article. You will never feel and sales pressure. You will never be sold. It is up the the UberMac customer to let one of our team member know that you have a question about a product. Once you request assistance, we do our very best to not only coach you into buying the right computer for your needs, but use our reputation of honesty and integrity to maybe even send you to the Apple Store to make your purchase. We don’t mind losing a sale, we only care about our customer and that they are being taken care of and informed in the best possible way by our Apple Certified Technicians.

Come check us out, or give us a call with any questions.