Hard drives die. They just do. Spinning gear icons, beachballs, warnings and errors. Apple products are close to perfect, but the still need to be maintained and repaired from time to time. And that’s what we do. With literally thousands and thousands of repairs under our belt, you can trust that we are well versed and heavily experienced in all things Apple.

For us at Cobalt in Jupiter, FL, replacing a failing hard drive in your Apple iMac or Macbook computer is an every day occurrence. Apple does not make the hard drive that is installed into your Mac. Companies like Toshiba, Seagate and Western Digital do. Hard drives die. Hard drives fail. It’s an imperfect world.

And with the latest technology, Apple and many other companies are now installing Solid State Hard Drives (SSD’s) in most computers now. We can replace or repair a hard drive even in the new iMac. And if your looking for speed, we can also upgrade your old hard drive with a super fast SSD drive.

We perform upgrades and repairs on almost all Apple products. From memory upgrades to max out your RAM, to replacing a hard drive and transerring your data, to fixing and replacing broken glass on a MacBook or iMac screen. Power issues are another one of our specialties. If your Apple product will no longer power up, or the battery won’t take a charge, please bring it in. We’ll help you to determine if it’s a bad power port, power supply, cable, or other issue.
We perform diagnostics and problem solving on just about all Apple computers and devices as well. And almost always by the next day. Repairs can take longer because they are usually much more involved, so please be aware of this.

Don’t trust your Apple computer to just any computer repair facility. Trust it to the Apple Certified Technicians at Cobalt.

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